LsD: they are the ones who choose their Tutor

 LsD: they are the ones who choose their Tutor

di Laura Rovaris

When you start working with a LsD (specific Learning Disorders), child or boy, everything always starts with the parents, almost always with the mothers.


Mothers are so attentive to those little alarm bells!

Not that dads aren’t, they are so caught up in the frenzy of daily work, sometimes they come home when their children are already reading something under the covers of their bunk bed and those short moments they spend with them, prefer to tell about their day, kiss good night and see them peacefully fall asleep after saying goodbye.

Fathers are the “good ones”.

Mothers, on the other hand, are those who, after returning from school and having a snack, struggle with their children to do their homework, amid threats, compromises, and quarrels.

They go to interviews, they are enrolled in a thousand whatsapp groups in the class to keep up to date on everything related to school and news (things that make your phone go haywire when you have more than 2 children!).


When mothers call you and ask you for help, you feel important to that family; but when is the child who says to his parents “Laura is coming today?”, “Is Laura with me today?” it is he who chooses you.

He wants you, he puts his trust in you.


He accepts your help and your closeness, he is willing to bring down that small protective wall (which everyone puts at the beginning)and he is willing to expose all his weaknesses without fear and above all without shame, without having to apologize anymore.


Children should never apologize for their difficulties.

I get a kind of little grip inside, every time a child makes a mistake during an exercise with me and after my correction he rushes to tell me “yes, sorry!”.

I have gently abolished that word in all my encounters.

I tell them that making a mistake is not a fault and for this we must not apologize.

When children choose me I feel triumphant.

But the best thing is when you manage to empathize with them so well that they also choose you as a confidant and see the meetings together as a moment of release.

Becoming their confidant for me is like reaching a summit!


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